Dongguan Enterprise Builds a Could Platform to Protect Health

Time:2017-03-15 12:01:49


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Dr. Shi Xizeng, Leading Entrepreneurial Talent of Guangdong Province, introduced the product he developed on May 15 (Photo by Reporter Cheng Yongqiang)

Hidden in the Guangdong Electronic Information Engineering Institute of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China ( Electronic Institute ) is Dongguan Data Science Software Technology Co., Ltd. ( Data Science Software ). Committed to the research of health cloud for years, this low-profile company is expected to launch its health cloud platform in Dongguan to protect the health of local users.

About 8 Million Health Files Collected

As Guangdong Province started to apply emerging technologies like cloud computing and Internet to healthcare around 2011, the Electronic Institute worked as the initiator and Data Science Software was established. After its establishment, Data Science Software has been engaged in building health cloud and big data platforms, and providing health management products, services and solutions via integration of medical and health resources. Once an individual registers a health ID on the cloud, all of his test results, medical history and symptoms in the medical organizations within the system will be entered into the cloud and shared among other organizations. The health data will be kept for life and updated on a regular basis.

According to Vice General Manager Chen Zhenwei, Data Science Software has undertaken about 10 representative research projects under Program 863 and major provincial specialized programs on the basis of the tremendous research strengths of the Electronic Institute and Cloud Safety Academician Workstation, and gradually developed proprietary health cloud, cooperative medical treatment, and Internet+ hospital solutions to provide users with full trusteeship operation service.

The most important feature of this remote health system is the lifelong health tracking and filing that allows medical institutions to realize resource sharing. Already adopted by the hospitals and medical companies in Shenzhen, it will be soon rolled out in Dongguan. By far, about 8 million health files have been collected.

According to Chen Zhenwei, this system will keep the health data of patients for life and update such data on a regular basis once it s entered. Now doctors can refer to the previous health conditions of the patients and have more reliable reference data to draw a diagnosis. The different physical reactions at each stage of the patients will be truthfully recorded in the system as well.

Operating Revenue to Exceed RMB 15 Million This Year

For Chen Zhenwei, big data-based smart and personalized high quality medical treatment and health services will become the inevitable trend of public health services. They can greatly resolve such prominent problems as not readily available and expensive medical services, imbalanced medical resources, health management defects, and truly realize the cross-regional and inter-institutional sharing of diagnosis and treatment information, knowledge and resources. And Data Science Software is already ahead of the curve.

In addition to the health could platform, Data Science Software will launch a patient payment and medical service integrated platform to provide users with medical O2O service. Chen Zhenwei revealed that the platform based on cloud computing, Internet of Things and big data technologies can realize online integration and offline self-service, window service and clinic service.

Through this platform, Data Science Software will gather more users. With a huge user base, Data Science Software will further expand new business models based on big data analysis and integration.

If you are a chronic disease patient and buy our VIP service, you can enjoy our value-added service. We will track, diagnose and analyze your conditions every day, and give you matched cases of recovery,  Chen Zhenwei pointed out.

With the gradual improvement of the platform, Data Science Software will accelerate its commercialization process. Chen Zhenwei revealed that the operating revenue of Data Science Software last year exceeded RMB 7 million and would possibly top RMB 15 million this year thanks to market expansion.

As a representative enterprise of mobile healthcare in Dongguan, Data Science Software will continue its exploration in the industry. Apartment from building platforms on its own, Data Science Software will work with other enterprises to develop health products, improve health cloud platform and establish an open ecosystem for mobile healthcare.

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