Dongguan Enterprise Awarded the Second Place Prize of National Science and Technology Awards

Time:2017-01-18 12:04:30


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Nanfang Daily (Reporter Gong Mingyang) The New Minimally Invasive Surgical Treatment Technology for Heart Diseases and Its Clinical Application jointly developed by Dongguan Kewei Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. and The Fourth Military Medical University of PLA was awarded Second Place Prize of National Science and Technology Awards on the 17th.

It’s understood that this research team has developed the world’s first transthoracic ultrasound-guided new interventional treatment technology for heart diseases, first-in-class total endoscopic cardiosurgery technology, new minimally invasive complex technology for heart diseases and new CTRP technology. Under the new cardiac minimal invasive technology system, the research team has changed the concept from traditional thoracotomy to minimally invasive non-thoracotomy in cardiosurgery, and developed supporting products for cardiac minimally invasive treatment like new occluders. The new occluders and arterial and venous catheters represent the leading products and key technologies of Dongguan Kewei.

According to General Manager Zhang Yang, they have been working with the above-said university to tackle this medical problem since 2001 and massive fundamental surveys have been conducted.

“A traditional cardiosurgery is thoracotomy which is hugely invasive on sternum. Furthermore, extracorporeal circulation will generate an 11.62% occurring rate of severe complications of heart, lung and kidney. Therefore, minimally invasive cardiosurgery is an important approach to resolve this medical problem,” Zhang Yang said.

It’s understood that this achievement will benefit the domestic and international cardiaopaths, relieving their pains and greatly reducing their medical costs.

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